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How search engine brings organic traffic?

In the contemporary digital marketing world, there are a lot of ways how website owners can attract traffic to their web sources. Without no doubt, we diversify. We can attract not only organic (search) traffic, but also paid, social and referral. All these traffic sources can improve your website rankings. However, organic (search) engine traffic is an evident leader of website traffic as it is the most qualified and converted. Organic traffic drives more than 50% of all visitors to both e-commerce web sources and blogs. That is why our primary task is to attract more concerned visitors from search and convert them into our regular paying customers. Of course, it is easy to buy traffic than gain it organically. However, users have more trust to those websites which are placed on the TOP of organic search. Moreover, organic traffic is more targeted than paid and have long-term opportunities. In this article, we will discuss by what means we can start getting traffic from search engines naturally.

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What are the reasons to get organic search engine traffic?

The biggest amount of profit gaining users come to your site from organic search results. It means that all people who insert in Google search box informational and transactional search queries get organic search results. If your website content matches average users intent, they most likely will land on your site and convert into your customers or clients. Organic search is also profitable for blogging as users will see more ads based on their query. So, it is always beneficial to get traffic from organic search when it comes to generating income from advertisements and affiliate programs. One more benefit to produce organic traffic is that you can reduce bounce rate and improve user experience with your site.

Working techniques to increase search engine traffic

Let us discuss some useful techniques which can help you to improve your website rankings, raise click-through-rate and get more quality targeted traffic.

  • Search engine optimization

SEO is a complex of optimization techniques the primary purpose of which is to optimize a website according to search engine standards. As search engines like Google prioritize user experience with a particular internet site, you should do your best to create a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website. Moreover, your site should be maximally relevant to user’s query. There are two types of SEO - off-page and on-page. On-page can be fully guided by you and your SEO experts. They include content writing, keyword research, links structure optimization and website navigation improvement. Off-page SEO shapes a site authority in the eyes of search engines. You need to create a winning link building campaign to improve website rankings and make your web source more visible on SERP. Moreover, you need to make sure your site is crawlable by search bots to gain more search engine traffic. To measure your optimization campaign success, you can use Google Analytics tool and Semalt Web Analyzer.

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  • Content marketing

Content marketing is the perfect and the simplest way to attract organic search engine traffic. The key to success in generating great content is to create content for users, not for search engines. Your website content should be relevant to what your potential customers are looking for. You need to give your users an expert opinion about the theme they are interested in to raise your domain reputation and their loyalty to your brand. Make sure your content is unique, relevant and up-to-date. Moreover, put some key phrases in it, especially in titles to let search bots easily parse your site.

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