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What is the smartest way to get quality PR backlinks?

PR backlinks are well-known by the most advanced marketers to be very useful for the Search Engine Marketing efforts, as well as their overall strategy for building healthy public relations with the target audience. Of course, there are a lot of other valuable tactics to bring into play for taking a competitive leadership. But quality PR backlinks can demonstrate a truly tremendous efficiency for your business, particularly when aligned with your general SEO on the main keywords and web content promotion. So, let’s see how we can get a lot of top-performing PR backlinks - without spending a too much time and money.

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Before we start - just one simple question. Why should you focus on PR backlinks quality? Because the quality of your backlinks matters. Seriously, all of them must connect your website only with the most reputable and credible web pages having a sufficiently high domain authority. When it comes to Google’s rankings, even one link with a popular and trustworthy third-party website can be powerful enough to drive your SEO results, raising your brand name awareness and business authority at the same time.

Four smartest ways to PR backlinks

  • Launch your own product or service reviews to represent your expert knowledge of the subject. You might as well go for the third-party reviews, even on some other topics, which cannot be fully relevant to your own sphere of industry or market niche - simply in return for a link included in every product review. Keep in mind, that earning PR backlinks this way makes not only good SEO but builds a better brand name and public awareness of your online project.
  • Work more on visual content creation to increase your social media shares, mentions, and leads. I mean here that you are always free to reshape a part of your normal text page content into something more useful and visually appealing to your target audience, such as handy infographics, informative spreadsheets, PDFs, etc. By doing so, a lot of social shares can drive more incoming links that in-turn reflect a more significant web traffic, and hence improved search engine ranking.

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  • Try guest posting, as it still remains among the smartest ways to gain a lot of top-quality PR backlinks. All you need here is to pay for some unique and valuable content articles - either with your time, or some cash spending to have the task outsourced to a professional content writer. Guest posting will amplify the public credibility and relevance of your website, giving you a valuable PR backlink as you agree with the host or website owner.
  • Running topic discussions and taking part in online events through anything like round-up posts, interviews, hot industry disputes, or public sections with Questions & Answers can be equally benefitting for some extra PR backlinks. All you need is to ask your discussion talkers, interviewers or opponents to set up a link on their web pages pointing to your own website.
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