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How does Amazon determine the rank of the products?

Amazon is one of the first retailing platform in the world intended for selling massive demand goods. It was created as a bookstore in 1995 by Jeff Bezos. Currently, it is a gigantic ecommerce platform with six figures daily income. According to Forbes list, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos is one of the TOP-3 world’s richest persons with a total income of $83 billion.

These figures speak for themselves. Without any doubts, Amazon is one of the greatest ecommerce platforms where each seller can raise a significant fortune. The recipe for Amazon success is simple. You need to be consistent, hardworking and self-confident, and of course, know how does Amazon rank your products. Understanding the principle of Amazon ranking algorithm will help you to be on the TOP of this ecommerce game.

In this article, I am going to explain you how does Amazon ranking algorithm work. I will share with you some tips on how you should build your business to influence A9 search algorithm in such a way to move your products up to Amazon. 

The principle of Amazon ranking algorithm work

Rank is a holy grail for Amazon sellers as it determines whether they will sell a countless amount of items per day or retail their inventory very slowly. 

Amazon A9 algorithm is a unique ranking system that does not look like any other ranking systems. It serves to bring more profit for Amazon system by providing customers with the most accurate search results. It takes into account such aspects as sales history, listing optimization, customer reviews, and the quality of customer services. 

Amazon uses the number of algorithms to provide customers with those products they are more likely to order. Amazon tracks all users interactions with the site, considering their search habits and preferences. When Amazon gets a clear message of user’s needs and preferences, it directs them to products they will probably order. Once the corresponding products have displayed according to their functional characteristics, they should be arranged in a particular sequence. A rank place is determined by Amazon ranking algorithm. 

Amazon uses two primary group of factors to determine which products should rank on the TOP of search results page. One of the fundamental factors Amazon uses to identify a product purchase probability is Amazon Best Seller Rank. It shows a product rank based on the number of sales for a particular item within a category or subcategory. Best Seller Rank shows the level of productivity, buyers recognition, CTR, and conversion. The second-ranking factor is the relevancy component. This component displays how product features presented in a listing corresponding to an individual user’s query. This relevance is mainly performed by targeted search terms which are included in the product title, bullets, description, and keyword section.

All in all, products with a good sales history, significant functional value, and high conversion rate have more chances to rank on the TOP of Amazon search results page. So, you need to work on your sales boost and brand recognition improvement. The most effective methods which should be used in the course of optimization campaign are listing optimization by key queries, positive reviews generation, and sales boost. 

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