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Can you recommend me some good places to diversify my high PR profile of backlinks?

Of course, getting links from high authority and strong PageRank sources like national newspapers or even global media agencies should never be neglected. It’s a great way of refreshing your website’s or blog’s high PR profile of backlinks, but the task is known as a definitely time-consuming and labor-intensive doing. Nevertheless, with a little bit of creativity in mind, you can pretty easily grab some extra backlinks to improve your already existing high PR profile of backlinks. What’s more - probably you have already got some shreds of quality content or already outreached contacts needed for that. Below I’m going to show you a couple of good places and spheres worth considering for getting linked with. After all, that would be a great opportunity to get connected with probably the most trusted and authoritative educational/governmental websites. Anyway, both spheres will need neither hefty budget expenses nor too much time. Of course, if handled right.

Local Governmental Sites

Among the others, local and nation-wide websites or supportive blogs with dot GOV domain extensions are exactly those minority sources with the ultimately high DA (domain authority) score hitting a 100-points score in full. Considering that one can hardly succeed in improving high PR profile of backlinks with the one coming from the main governmental domain, there are some opportunities still available on the local level. I mean that many local governmental websites are using business directories to run an online promotion for the regional companies within their area. Local governmental directories are perhaps the easiest and quickest way of grabbing some extra powerful backlinks pointing to your website or blog. 

Educational (University/College) Pages

The lion’s share of trusted educational bodies is known to have their websites DA of about 90-95 points (based on the recent study). But the most challenging thing is there is to find the right mean of outreach. First of all, try to make them a favor - find the right people you know as former students or staff members. Considering that universities and colleges are always keen to show off, use it for your advantage - just offer them real success stories, great career paths, or hot interviews they want to see, at the same time updating your high PR profile of backlinks with a couple of newly created links in return. What’s more - earning those valuable backlinks via university or high school alumni pages, you are automatically using another opportunity to talk up your business brand name or get a broader exposure within your company’s industry and market niche.

If nothing helps, here is another alternative way of handling the right outreach with universities or any other educational institutions - that really works for earning you a couple of those precious links. All you need is to have a product or service relevant either to the local students, or staff members. Just try offering, for example, an exclusive discount code. At the same time, that would be a great way of generating more shares, leads, subscriptions and mentions on social media - apart from our main link acquisition purposes. Note, however, that to succeed in this scheme your company or business project will be needed to offer something that can be purchased or ordered online.

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