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What makes a high authority backlinks?

Many website owners wonder how many backlinks do they need to create a strong online presence of their domain. There is no definite answer to this question. In a lot of ways, it is the wrong question to ask when analyzing backlinks for SEO because the whole problem of link building revolves around quality over quantity of incoming links. In this article, we will take a closer look at backlinking techniques and learn how to get high authority backlinks to your site. We will discuss how Google views them, what backlinks generate the most quality link juice and how to improve quality of incoming links.

high authority backlinks

Interrelation of PageRank and backlinks

PageRank serves as a Google determinator of a web page placement on search result page. It is one of the most significant indicators that taken into account when deciding on SERP ranking. A website which is referred by many authoritative domains is virtually guaranteed to be high up on the SERP. The fundamental principle which is placed behind PageRank is that the more links your site receive from other sources, the more significant that page must be. Google highly appreciates the quality of internal links and check how reputable pages that link to your domain.

Google evaluates the pages from zero to ten. Those pages that have a zero rank are spam or junk web pages without no quality or relevant content. Websites that have PR10 rank are TOP ranked authoritative sources with perfect reputation and high conversion rate.

It is worth mentioning that PageRank is not a linear scale, but rather exponential. According to it, a PR3 page will be much more valuable and relevant than a PR2 page. That is why a link from one page that has high PageRank has more value than hundred links from poor quality sources with a zero PR.

What makes high-quality backlinks?

Undoubtedly, that the biggest amount of online merchants would like to be directly linked to by such digital market giants as Wikipedia, Facebook, Amazon or Moz that have the highest PageRank. In reality, for most growing online businesses it is not possible. Fortunately, you may get backlinks from mid-range websites and these links will also bring you a certain value.

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Google uses the number of different criteria when evaluating the quality of the incoming links. First of all, it checks the relevance of the source and whether it follows the general field of user's interest. Another criterion is trustworthy of the domain. A website trustworthy can be evaluated by PageRank and the number and quality of links from other sources that point to this site. Moreover, the liking anchor text should be a close match to the page being linked to. Other links that point to this site should be from high-authoritative websites. These links should be from various sources and can’t be paid.

So, if the page that links to your site following all these Google criteria, you will most likely observe a significant improvement of your website rankings. However, you should not obviously meet the following criteria. At least three of them will be enough. For instance, you may compensate low relevance by a huge traffic volume.

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