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How to perform ecommerce link building?

Link building is an ideal way one can drive traffic to his ecommerce website. If your primary objective is to increase sales from returning clients, link building is exactly what you need. Below you can find a few practical ecommerce link building strategies that do work. Look through them all and choose the one that appeals to you the most.

ecommerce link building

Influencer Outreach Strategy

One easy way to get links is by working with influencers. Running an influencer program is all about identifying key individuals who can deliver relevant content to your target audience. Focus on building relationships with those online influencers who can share information and reviews about your product or service. If you don’t feel like doing the outreach yourself, you can always hire a professional link building or influencer firm. You can work with an influencer platform as well. Typically, influencer outreach includes the following aspects:

  • Researching potential influencers;
  • Connecting with those who have the same audience;
  • Crafting a tempting offer;
  • Working with influencers who accept the offer;
  • Tracking the ROI of your product campaign.

Make sure your goals are as specific and measurable as possible. Having a clear and concise goal helps better evaluate the success or failure of the ecommerce link building campaign.

Take Advantage of Review Sites

Review sites usually rank high on Google. They can lead to more links for your ecommerce websource as well as increase trust and loyalty to your brand. Generally, there are two basic types of review sites:

  • Content review sites (TechCrunch);
  • User-generated content review sites (Yelp, TripAdvisor).

If you strive to set up a strategy for getting listed on review sites, Semalt experts suggest following the next steps:

  • Create a list of user-generated review sites you want to target;
  • Determine if your company is already listed. If there is a profile available for your firm, make sure you claim it;
  • Share reviews on social media and your website as they become available.

Remember, any reviews need to be honest. Never try to hide or delete negative reviews —  such actions will make an already-disgruntled client simply more frustrated. By removing their comments, you show that you don’t care about their feedback. Instead of deleting the comment, publicly apologize and vow to do better.

Related Internal Links Shouldn’t Be Underestimated

While the above recommendations have to do with external link building through building mutual relationships with influencers and customers, your internal link building efforts shouldn’t be ignored. Consider installing a plugin that automatically displays products or services related to the one the user is currently on. Adding a related products widget on your ecommerce pages will help boost conversion rate and time spent on the website as users consider other items.

Another way to see what products and services are frequently purchased together is by using Google Analytics data. It works as follows: when you know which items are usually bought together, you will know what to recommend the next time.

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Wrapping Up

There is no denying that connecting and working with influencers for better ecommerce link building requires a lot of time and patience. However, sooner or later your efforts will pay off, and you will see your ecommerce store on the first page of Google.

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