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How can I check my SERP competition?

Most e-commerce website owners strive to rank higher on the Google search result page. They would like to be on Google TOP10 as it can bring them a targeted traffic that will convert into sales and higher revenue. To improve your ranking positions, you still need to be a quality content. However, one of the most effective ways to rank high and raise a website authority is to have valuable backlinks. In this article, I will provide you with some tips how to dominate and check SERP competition by legally acquiring your competitor's backlinks.

check SERP competition

There are two basic ways how to push your site up to Google. The first one is to implement Google Adwords and pay per each user click. The second one is to create a winning search engine optimization campaign to get a high organic ranking. Organic ranking can be earned by creating and publishing quality and unique content that your visitors will share and link to, and by linking other high ranking sites to your content.

 If you would like to observe a long-lasting result, you should be investing in organic search engine rankings. There are two basic factors that directly influence your site SEO - relevant content and quality link juice. Backlinks are the joker here. Sometimes experience search engine optimization specialists are not able to get you the best links. There are a lot of articles via the Internet about link building strategies. However, they are full of not relevant information which can be omitted. In this article, you will find some valuable information how legally use your competitors backlinks for your benefit. Before we start to talk of these link building techniques, I should warn you that a big amount of “unnatural” links may cause search engine penalties and rankings drop.

Ways to find the best backlinks

The question how to get quality backlinks is the most frequently asked nowadays. The most obvious reply to this question are your SERP competitors' backlinks. You will never get to the Google TOP unless your site is technically optimized, provides high-quality content and great user experience. However, if you get that covered, quality backlinks will bring you to the TOP ranking position in SERP.

google serp

To find market niche competitors a lot of website owners conduct a competitors research. However, it is a wrong approach of checking the SERP competition. What yo need is to focus on is the search terms which are relevant to your business niche. That is why you need to distinguish the most high-quality and targeting backlinks to help rank high for the most suitable search terms. You need to focus on your market niche competitors and find out who is linking to them.

To complete this task, you need to select from eight to twelve search terms that you would like to rank for. To simplify this process, you can use the Google Keyword Planner or Semalt Auto SEO tool. It will help you tune in on the most relevant search terms. After that, you can simply google the selected keywords to list your TOP10 competitors in the organic search. On the next stage, you need to evaluate your competitors, giving them from 1 to 50 points. After that add all points and rank your search competitors. To conduct this task, you may implement Google Analytics or Semalt Website Analyzer. These tools can rate your SEO competitors based on your keywords, so you do not need to do it by yourself. With the help of the same tools, you can check your competitors' backlinks. Your primary goal is to identify the links most valuable to your top search competitors.

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