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What are the best practices to improve business web page design?

If you have a business, you should apparently launch it online. Otherwise, you are in danger to fall further behind your competition. Of course, a process of business web page development, design, and optimization take a lot of time, efforts, and budgeting. However, it is a 100% cost-effective business idea which can bring the highest ROI (return-on-investment). Your small business website is a vital piece of your branding efforts. Web searchers are coming to your site for a particular reason, and you need to make sure your site can meet their expectations. Your business webpage should serve as an instrument of selling and promotion your brand name products and services. If you fail to do your business web page design, you can easily lose thousands of dollars initially, and even more in your potential revenue. To double your income and get a perfect online presence, you need to create an impressive and user-friendly business web page design. That is why we decide to share with you some best web design practices and techniques to help you meet your business needs. We will point you some useful resources and highlight recent changes in a sphere of business web page design.

business web page design

Tips to create a SEO-friendly business web page design

  • Your design should be fresh and unique

The first thing an average user points on your site is a web design. That is why it should be simple, user-friendly and attractive. As your website reflects your brand and staff, in particular, it should be correctly structured and designed. Otherwise, you are risking to lose your potential customers and subsequently revenue. You have at least 30 seconds to engage your potential customer. That is why you need to implement the unique and attractive design to entice user at first sight. If you tend to use template web page design, your site will look like thousands of other sites on the web, and you won’t be able to create a unique impression. So, to be better than your market niche competitors and save your brand uniqueness, you should keep your design simple, fresh, and unique.

Moreover, you need to consider what impression you want to make and what leading message you want to deliver to your potential customers. As you consider your business web page design, make sure you have a professional logo design. The template logo as well as a template web page design won’t give you a good result as it cannot be impressive and unique.

  • Homepage content

When you consider the content to include on your homepage, make sure it coincides with your web design and looks relevant. Do not overload your business page with too many information as you may distract your potential client from the main idea. According to the statistical data, the average percent of information users read when they open a website for the first time is 28%. It means that the average amount of words on your homepage should be no more than 500. Consider of the most relevant information which can help users to make their buying decision and get rid of anything else. Moreover, make sure you have a call to action on your site homepage. It should sound like “order now” or “subscribe.” It is a perfect marketing trick that can improve your sales.

web page design

  • Website responsiveness

According to Google 2015 year update, all websites should have a responsive design to be available on mobile phones and tablets. By creating a responsive design, you double your chances to get more clients and get to the TOP of search engines. To make your design mobile-friendly, avoid designing pages for a large monitor size or pages that use more complex features such as pop-ups, complex navigation or flash animation. When you create your mobile site version, you need to use pure design without too complicated elements. The smart decision is to implement a flat design which eliminates gradients and shadowing, making images and fonts smaller and easier to read.

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