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How did you succeed in building backlinks to your website the natural way?

Of course, it’s out of the question that building backlinks to your website is among the key elements to success in the Search Engine Optimization. It’s also understood that there are a plenty of different methods to run a proper link building strategy. But what means building backlinks to your website the natural way? Well, that depends. As for me, I believe my recent attempt to shape a natural link profile appeared quite successful. So, let’s make it clear - building backlinks naturally stands for a “fair play,” without cheating and violating the main webmaster guidelines by Google. And I’m going to have a brief look at the most severe and dangerous “unnatural” practices of link building (you should avoid them at all cost!). I hope you’ll find them reasonable when building backlinks to your website - the best natural way possible.

building backlinks to your website

Avoid Building Backlinks to Your Website With:

Link Exchanges and Wheels

Link exchanges are among the most promising link building practices, yet it should be still avoided - first and foremost. And there are myriads of web platforms and different online software offering to make a deal with barter links. Of course, exchanging with some backlinks with your fellow bloggers might be a really great idea. However, dealing with barter links on link exchanges, as well as link wheels (a.k.a. pyramid schemes of link building) most commonly leads to a huge excessive load with too many low-quality backlinks, which appeared nearly in no time. It means that applying for link exchanges or wheels is actually waste of time and money.

What’s more - doing it consistently is probably the best way to get a serious negative attention from the major search engines like Google itself. And that means nothing but a severe ranking penalty looming over your website or blog. That’s why exchanging with links is definitely not the natural way of building backlinks to your website, right?

Irrelevant Sources

Irrelevant niche websites or blogs is something else that should never be used to build backlinks the natural way. In fact, if you overdo with spawning too many backlinks with the third party sources that got nothing to do with your main topic or industry sphere, such links will give you at least a very little (if not zero) weight to your PageRank. Or, in the worst case, you might as well be penalized by Google considering such activities as definitely tricky and manipulative ones.

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Paid and Other Suspicious Places

The official policy of the world’s search giant is voicing a clear message - buying or selling backlinks directly would be unacceptable under any circumstances. That’s all about paid links - should it happen that Google detects a commercial scheme with building link profiles, it is going to bring the hammer down on all sides of the deal. Despite paid backlinks may often seem fully quality and natural and quality ones, the risk is too great.

Among the rest of suspicious places that will never do for building backlinks to your website the natural way, I recommend steering clear of low-quality article directories and link farms. Yes, something about two years ago they used to be very advantageous for generating cheap links at ease - I should admit this fact. But now those schemes don't work anymore, of course, unless you really want to earn yourself a quick and often irreversible ranking penalty.

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