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What are the benefits of Amazon keyword rank tracker?

Most of the online merchants lose their sales and leads due to the higher ranking competitor. It is not easy to predict such situation at least you are not continuously tracking your keyword positions. Of course to do such researches manually can be complicated and time consuming. Fortunately, there are different Amazon keyword rank tracker tools available on the web. 

In this article we will discuss how to overcome some basic hardships Amazon merchants usually face on their practice and share with you some tricks and essentials how to boost your product’s sales. 

Let us firstly discuss how Amazon A9 algorithm works. Understanding the mechanism of this algorithms will help us to build a winning Amazon optimization campaign and raise products rank.

How does an Amazon search work?

Amazon A3 algorithm is quite similar to well-known Google ranking algorithms. However, there are still some differences. While Google focuses on web pages, Amazon makes an accent on products. According to statistical data, when it comes to product research, users refer to Amazon search rather than Google search. It can be explained by available product listing and full information about products. Moreover, here you can compare prices and check reviews about a product you choose. Users do not need to browse much as on Google search. All information about the product is placed on one page. Amazon search results are heavily driven by the consumer’s likelihood to buy featured products. 

Amazon takes into account the number of features to determine a product rank:

  • The popularity of the products among consumers;
  • What products have the highest conversion rate;
  • What products provide the best shopping value;
  • How relevant products to the search query.

How to measure your rank on Amazon utilizing Amazon keyword rank tracker?

Amazon ranking algorithm is primarily based on keywords. Therefore, using your targeted keywords in a proper way will help you rank higher and generate more targeted traffic. 

With the help Amazon Keyword Tool you have a possibility to select the correct targeted keywords and track their positions. The obtained data will help you to ensure that you have chosen the correct search terms and use them in the correct and strategic places. Moreover, Amazon keyword rank tracker will help you outsmart your competitors and attract more potential customers to your brand. 

There are two possible ways to research and track your keywords - manual and automatic. While it is possible to manually go through each search terms and spend a lot of time to check whether it is relevant or not, it is much easier to use Amazon keyword rank tracker instead. With this professional automated tool you will save your time and obtain the most relevant and accurate data. 

How to track your competitors keywords using Amazon keyword rank tracker?

Using this tool you can easily detect which of your targeted keywords rank well and where it still lags behind your competitors. This tool allows you to determine which search terms your competitors are using to rank on Amazon SERP and how well they rank on these words. If you have a smart approach to your Amazon optimization campaign, you can borrow these words and use them for your benefit. As a result, it will give a push to your content marketing strategy.

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