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What can I do to get a better search engine ranking?

Ranking high in search engines is the primary goal of every website owner. In this article, I will share some useful tips to help increase your organic traffic without breaking the bank. So, let’s get started.

better search engine ranking

Focus on Making Your Site Attractive

It’s no surprise that a well-designed site has far more chances to get better search rankings than the one with a poor design. Visually appealing website not only translates into enhanced search engine rankings but also boosts user engagement with the resource. This aspect is especially important for e-commerce stores. Remember, there is a low chance visitors will pay their money to a dull looking website.

Google Loves Freshness

The reality is that making your website attractive is not enough. You also need to update your resource regularly. This means generating new articles, blog posts, case studies and white papers as often as possible. Otherwise, web crawlers will stop visiting your site, considering it is no longer relevant.

A content upgrade is a crucial factor that leads to an improved search ranking. Make sure that the frequency of the updates is regular. Ideally, one update every per day is imperative for better search engine rankings. By generating valuable content on a daily basis, you’ll strengthen the impact of any SEO measures you’re taking.

High-Quality Backlinks is a Key

The truth is that content generation is not enough — users across the web need to know that there is a great website generating exciting content. Share links to your website as much as possible. These backlinks play a crucial role in boosting the search engine ranking. Avoid link spam — web crawlers can quickly identify the spam traffic. Keep in mind that ‘black hat SEO’ techniques in extreme cases can lead to blocking of the site.

Quality of the site in which the backlink has been created also matters. For example, a backlink from a well-reputed blog having high domain authority will have more value than a random Instagram group. So, instead of spamming, try contacting reliable sites and having your content featured there.

Use Video Marketing

Apart from fresh content and images, Google gives priority to custom video content. Using videos to promote your website is always a great decision. Video marketing gives you access to free, huge traffic sources like YouTube and Vimeo. Perhaps, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get the word out about your brand.

Embedding YouTube videos can help boost your website ranking. Make sure that videos you post are both interesting and helpful to viewers. Focus on publishing high-quality videos that are relevant to your business. It will go a long way in improving your search engine rankings.

google rankings


These are just some of the basic steps you can take to climb up the proverbial ladder. Surely, many other measures need to be taken to ensure a high search engine ranking. These are the underlying conditions that need to be fulfilled to move ahead.

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