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How to generate backlink online using various generators?

In the modern digital marketing world, backlinks are still a significant part of search engine optimization and a perfect solution for those who would like to raise search engine rankings. However, practices that need to be used for generating backlinks seem rather tedious and bring some troubles to webmasters. Nowadays, search engines prioritize backlinks quality and relevance rather than their number. Such link building methods as Free-For-All backlinks and comment spam can’t bring any value for your search engine optimization campaign. Following Google, guidelines can be painful, but it is the only way to get to the TOP of SERP. Fortunately, the success of the numerous platforms provides a perfect opportunity to generate backlinks.

backlink generator online

Pinterest serves as an excellent example of a media platform that succeeds within a short period. It shows that with a smart approach to your link building campaign, you will have an opportunity to generate a lot of quality backlinks within a short period while improving your brand awareness in the process.

If you are wondering how Pinterest strategy can help you to build a winning link building campaign when you already have other social channels, some proofs will answer your question:

  • everyday 5 million active users open Pinterest for the variety of reasons;
  • there are 176 million users who subscribe Pinterest, from them the number of people who actively use this media platform is 150 million;
  • more than 50% of Americans who conduct their online shopping claim that Pinterest is their favorite media platform;
  • the half-line of a Pinterest pin is about 1,600 times longer than any Facebook posts.

This statistical data shows us that Pinterest is the perfect place for free marketing and link building. It gives you an opportunity to share your content, get backlinks and communicate with your audience. That is why your business can strategically use a Pinterest presence for search engine optimization purposes.

backlink building online

What should you know about generating links on Pinterest?

All content you publish on social media should be accompanied by images to engage users and let them fully understand what did you mean in your post or article. Having poorly tagged images can make your readers frustrated and even costs your organic rankings. Pinterest is a media platform where visual content is highly appreciated. That is why your pictures serve here as a bridge the gap between your potential customers and your business. That is why to generate quality link juice to your site; you need to make sure you have an engaging and appealing visual content that attached to Pins.

Moreover, a part of your social media marketing campaign should be a profile optimization. It is your opportunity to get quality external links. With a not fully completed profile, you have a risk of looking fraudulent and unreputable as well as lacking incredible. Users should get all information they need simply looking through your profile.

The Pinterest boards you have should be a fully functioning archive of links, visuals, and proposals that provide the value of your brand. Your popularity on Pinterest directly depends on the value of content you provide.

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