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How to list Semalt Crawler block in robots.txt?

5 :
How do you monitor your traffic?
January 30, 2015 •
jan geirnaert
You did not answer can I use robots txt to prevent bots from visiting my websites?
January 30, 2015 •
nico williams
  • Webmasters developed the Semalt htaccess code to block the bots. But it’s not for everyone, because it requires certain knowledge and skills.
  • You can adjust Semalt filter in Google Analytics. It is an easier way. Certainly, it only suits for the users of this service.
  • There is a plugin that blocks bots on the WordPress-based websites. You can download the plugin on the WordPress forum.
  • Our developers offer the universal solution of Semalt Crawler block: add your web address to the exception list on our website.

This method has many advantages:

  • it is simple;
  • it takes a couple of seconds;
  • it doesn’t require special skills;
  • it works.

Try to perform monitoring in Semalt.com as an alternative variant. If the referral traffic remains incorrect, please let us know.

January 30, 2015
I failed to block Semalt using robots.txt. I had to set the GA filter. Now it’s ok, there are no robots in my reports.
January 30, 2015 •
Shardul Pandey
You can block bots via .htaccess
January 30, 2015 •
Jasleen Kaur
How to list Semalt Crawler block in robots.txt?
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