Admin Panel Overview

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard Admin Panel, also called DSD Admin Panel, is a control center for your Dashboard. Here you can customize your Dashboard, manage your leads and their requests, view statistics, and organize your teamwork.

With the LeadGen add-ons, the Admin Panel provides access to the database with more than 85 million leads.

The Administrator Panel is made up of the following sections:


  • Leads
    In this section, you can find the DSD data of registered users.
  • Client Requests
    That’s where you can monitor all the requests (including callback requests) that users send from your Dashboard.
  • User News
    Here you can view the actions of users when they register, create new projects, send requests, or interact with emails.


It’s a large database that is composed of more than 85 million prospects for all business niches. This lead generation tool helps you connect with companies and entrepreneurs who are likely to be interested in your services. It includes many advanced search filters and is available with the LeadGen add-ons.


  • Summary Stat
    Here you can find general Dashboard statistics, such as traffic, number of website visitors, new registrations, and client requests.
  • User Activity
    This is a daily bottom line featuring user action statistics on traffic, new projects, the number of checks, the number of downloaded reports, and the number of shared links.


  • Admin Panel Accounts
    If you’re going to work with your team, you can create new Admin Panel user accounts and manage permissions for every user individually.
  • DSD Settings
    This section contains Dashboard customization tools. They allow you to upload your logo and favicon, add company contact details and custom JavaScript, set your language preferences, etc. You can also customize on-page settings and set up your own Support Service.
  • Profile Settings
    In this section, every Admin Panel user can enter and edit their personal details, including a full name, birthday, gender, contacts, and social media profiles. Also, Admin Panel users can view the details of their sessions.

A few quick things you can do

  1. If you want to jump to your Dashboard without further ado, click the “Visit DSD” button in the upper right corner of the page
  2. To change the display language of the Admin Panel, click on the flag icon and select the language you need from the list.
  3. To switch between accounts or log out, hit the “Logout” button.
  4. You can access the Admin Panel menu by using the sidebar. Click on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner to open it.
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