Admin Panel - Users

User news

This section shows all user actions on a site, including registrations, new project creations, requests, and actions with emails.

The list of all possible events:

  • Callback request
  • Client request
  • Email click
  • Email open
  • Pop-up click
  • Pop-up close
  • Registration
  • Site added

You may find the following filters on a page:

  • Event
  • Country
  • User ID
  • User name
  • Status (Open, Completed, Moved)
  • Date (you may choose either one date or a date range)

The Unique events filter will help you shorten a list if a user performs several same-type actions in a row. To apply this filter, make sure to tick the corresponding checkbox.

User News mode

By default, this page shows all actions performed by users with the "Open" status in chronological order.

Switch to a corresponding mode to check the events by date or by type.

You can filter out the news in a General mode by:

  • Event
  • User ID
  • Country
  • User name
  • Event processing status
  • Date

The same filters are actual for a page in By date and By Type modes, except a Date filter.

Click on a plus image to open a list of events in By Type mode.

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