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How to get quality backlinks for your website with strategies that work?

All website owners that would like to improve their rankings are looking for the ways to get backlinks for their websites. Incoming links are significant factors for your website ranking and votes for your brand authority. Link building is a process of creating new inbound links on other niche related websites with the purpose to raise brand authority and attract more traffic to the linked source. Link building procedure refers to off-page optimization and should be done after website structure and usability improvement, quality content crafting, and user-friendly design creating. When all on-page optimization procedures are done, it is time to show your site to a broader audience. Link building is very similar to word of mouth, which fits along with inbound marketing strategy. 

Creating all backlinks is impossible. Equally, that is why you need to know some general backlinks quality factors that include:

  • Inbound links are powerful when they come from industry related web sources.
  • Your anchor text should look natural and be related to a content topic and your targeted keyword.
  • The text around your backlink should be maximally relevant and useful. Users should not attract it as advertising.
  • The number of inbound links on the page linking to yours.
  • The linking page authority and reputation.
  • The linking website PageRank.

Moreover, you need to keep in mind the following factors while building links to your site:

  • Diversity

Your backlinks should be built on multiple domains to show Google that your content is appreciated by the number of different people. Moreover, by creating links on various domains, you improve your link profile and make it more organic. 

  • Balance between dofollow and nofollow links

Of course, the primary link building purpose of the most webmasters is to obtain dofollow backlinks because they transfer link juice to the linked sources. However, to create a healthy and natural looking backlink profile, you need to generate both dofollow and nofollow external links. 

  • Anchor Texts

You need to create different anchor texts for each inbound link. Moreover, your anchor texts should look not the same as your brand name or targeted keyword. Keep in mind that the same anchor texts will most likely hurt your reputation and cause Google penalties.

Before the big Google update in 2012, all webmasters made an accent on the number of incoming links rather than their quality. However, once Google Penguin update came into play, all the old black-hat SEO link building strategies became not effective. 

So, let us discuss how to get backlinks for your website in an organic way:

  • Editorial links

You can obtain editorial links by merely contacting with the niche related high PR sites and discuss with them your link building prospects. However, you need to be ready that you can reach to numerous website owners and as a result getting ignored by them or receive a negative response. You can check the authority of the niche related sites utilizing Semalt Web Analyzer or Majestic.

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