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How auto backlinks can affect your site SEO?

In this article, I am going to share with you my experience of using auto backlinks generator. Auto backlinks are usually a bad idea for your online business promotion that attracts by search engines as spammy activity and can devastate your brand reputation as well as website rank.

For those online merchants who have used one of these programs to generate backlinks, I am going to outline some of the most common reasons utilizing this type of SEO software still not your best idea. It is a short-sighted way of doing search engine optimization that can cause severe penalties from search engines. The time and money you invest in this activity would be much better used on strategies that are search engine friendly.

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Auto backlinks impact on a website SEO

  • The primary purpose of backlink is to create a relevant connection between two web sources

A lot of website owners, especially those that are new in this sphere, fail to realize that quality and relevance of backlinks are two the most significant aspects of link building. Online SEO software cannot focus on target quality and relevancy since these both of these aspects require common sense and the professional expert's touch. That is why during link building campaign, time and efforts should be put together. Only, in this case, link building campaign can serve as an improvement to your overall site optimization and bring quality referral traffic to your site.  

  • Google continuously fight against automated link generation

Search engines highly appreciate manual optimization and try fighting against automated ways of websites optimization, regarding them as low quality and spammy.

There was a period when website owners could ignore the quality of external links that point to their domains. It was possible to raise a web page rank by obtaining more backlinks. However, the situation becomes uncontrolled, and Google established new ranking rules. According to them only quality organically obtained backlinks can positively affect website rank.

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So, the question is why do we need to invest our time and money in automated link building software if search engines continue to fight against such link building tactics.

  • If your site get penalties for using automated link building software, it can be difficult to reverse damage to your site SEO

You should be extremely careful selecting the software for your link building as there a lot of low-quality fraudulent SEO websites the primary purpose of which is to pump your money out. I strongly recommend to hire a command of SEO experts or do everything by yourself during the process of link juice generation. Otherwise, all your hard work, time and money investments will be a waste of time. Moreover, you are risking to get penalties from Google that will be difficult to reverse.

Anyway, for those webmasters who are already using this kind of link building software, make sure you can check all your incoming links and websites from which they come. Moreover, all process should be run by professional SEO expert who can give you a link report anytime you need it.

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