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How We’ve Increased Organic Traffic of an Online Store

By 520%

In 10 months

FullSEO case
Project Details Project Details







Online Sex Shop



Domain Age

6 years

Region Of Promotion


Promotion Period

10 months


Results Results

+ 520%

traffic from organic search


keywords on TOP-10

+ 1216

increase in visits per month

Client said Client said




Great service!

I am satisfied, the organic hits are increasing, many keywords are in the top 10. Ivan Konovalov is a great manager, he tries very hard, I tried two others before him, and they were not nearly so OK.

Project description Project description


Brief Information about the Client

Zaodrasle is one of the leading sex shops in Slovenia.
It offers an extensive range of products at affordable prices, which is how it gains an advantage over its competitors. The store is also known for providing excellent customer service and product warranties – something that all online shoppers find important. Today, Zaodrasle takes the lead on the market and yields stable income for its owners who now can finance the further development of the store and keep it growing.

SEO Campaign Goals

Before zaodrasle.si turned to Semalt, its only traffic source was PPC. Since it was pretty expensive to run PPC campaigns, the shop owners decided to budget for other ways of promotion to drive organic traffic from Google.

Our long-term goal was to build high domain authority from the perspective of search engines, thereby helping Zaodrasle quickly get top rankings for its new products. To boost the process, we relied on a custom link-building campaign for the webpages in question.


The campaign focused on the most popular shop categories that the client found important to promote:

- general keywords for the homepage (e.g., sex shop slovenija)
- product categories (e.g., erotične igračke, erotično perilo, sexy darila)
- keywords related to all products found on the website

Our Strategy

A thorough technical audit makes a recipe for a successful promotion campaign for any website. That is why we’ve carried it out for zaodrasle.si from the get-go and then channeled our efforts into fixing of existing technical errors.


To be exact, our team has:

- optimized website PageSpeed insofar as its CMS allowed us to do that (Zaodrasle is built on PrestaShop);
- written and optimized meta tags with keywords. Before the promotion campaign was launched, there were no meta description tags under the URLs of the website pages while title tags were made up of nothing but the website name. That’s why we implemented a product meta tag generator and manually wrote meta tags for all website categories and the homepage;
- fixed the duplicate URL problem. 301 redirects and canonical tags were successfully used to fix the errors related to duplicate product pages. Setting up 301 redirects also helped us prevent the issues caused by index.php homepage clone. Plus, we performed the non-www website migration;
- generated an up-to-date sitemap.xml, without 404/301, canonicalized and noindex URLs, and submitted the optimized sitemap.xml file to Search Console.


Once the SEO recommendations were implemented, we wrote well-optimized content for the homepage and promoted categories/subcategories. Our team worked side by side with the client who created unique content for product pages. Filling up the website with high-quality content was one of our top priorities.


A link-building campaign was launched as part of the FullSEO package right after posting the content. It aimed at promoting website pages for general search queries as well as keywords for high-priority categories/subcategories.


We customized this link-building campaign for the following subcategories:

- Vibrators (vibratorji)
- Women’s and men’s erotic underwear (zensko mosko eroticno perilo)
- Sexy gifts (erotična darila)
- Aphrodisiacs (afrodiziaki)
- Condoms (kondomi)
- Sex toys (erotične igračke)


This campaign has helped Zaodrasle get the top rankings for subcategory keywords. 


In the first two months of the promotion period, we helped zaodrasle.si reach Google TOP-20 positions for high-priority keywords and increased its organic traffic by 3.3 times.


We’ve also managed to boost organic mobile traffic to the website by 1.5 times over 10 months. The top rankings in organic search results have helped the client cut PPC costs and, thus, get 2.3 times fewer visitors from pay-per-click campaigns. However, the increase in organic traffic has successfully made up for the loss in visitors. Thanks to the growth of Google TOP rankings of some keywords, the company has boosted its brand awareness, built trustworthiness among visitors, and increased the traffic from direct clicks by 1.6 times.


Apart from the homepage, the following web pages have become the most popular (by the number of clicks):
-          Sex Toys category page
-          Penis nozzles and rings
-          Dildos and strap-ons
-          Sex dolls
-          Women’s erotic underwear


Such high- and mid-frequency keywords as “erotična trgovina” and “sex shop Slovenija” have reached the TOP-5 as ranked on the homepage. The mid-frequency keyword erotične igračke has reached the TOP-3 as ranked on the Sex Toys category page.

We kept the traffic growing, allowing our client to expand the product line and the business itself. In as little as 5 months of the SEO campaign, we managed to maintain the progress and ensure that Zaodrasle could gain a foothold in Google TOP-5 and TOP-3.

Results & Conclusion

The promotion campaign for zaodrasle.si has helped the company to open up new business horizons, establish itself as a leader in the niche, and see a sixfold monthly organic traffic increase!


These results have been achieved in as little as 10 months thanks to the active collaboration between the client and the Semalt SEO department. 

We’re proud to be part of the Zaodrasle’s success, and we’ll work hard to maximize the company’s profits in the future.


Achieve your goals with Semalt!

Executed works Executed works

SSL & redirects fixes

Fix URL Duplicates & Structure Optimization

URL errors, URL redirects, Hreflang

Indexation Improvements

Sitemap, Robots.txt, Cache, Canonicals

Website Security & Health Improvements

Page Speed Optimization

Mobile-friendly Optimization

On-Page Optimization

Title, Description, H1-H6, ALTs

Structured Data Optimization

Content Optimization

Writing & rewriting SEO texts

Local SEO Optimization

Google Business, NAP
SEO Promotion Results SEO Promotion Results

Promotion Period: 10 months


Before After
Visitors per month 234 1450
Top100 keywords 156 1341
Top10 keywords 18 369

+ 520%

traffic from organic search


keywords on TOP-10

+ 1216

increase in visits per month

Leading positions in Google

31 Jul 19
afrodiziak shop
analne erotične igrače
analni vybrator
erotična darila za mosķe
erotična trgovina
erotične igračke
erotično perilo sex
pripomočki za sex
sex shop slovenija
sexy darila za žensko
vibrator za ženske
...and many other keywords

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Andrew Timchenko

Head of Customer Success Department
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