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How we’ve increased traffic to the local business website

from 104 to 3,182 visitors

in just one year

FullSEO case
Project Details Project Details




Drain cleaning


Portuguese (Brasil)

Domain Age

4 years

Region Of Promotion

Sao Paulo,State of Sao Paulo,Brazil

Promotion Period

1 year


Results Results

+ 2960%

traffic from organic search


keywords on TOP-10

+ 3078

increase in visits per month

Client said Client said

Bruno Henrique Oliveira


Text of client comment

Project description Project description

Client Profile

Our client is a local private company offering drain and sewer cleaning services across Sao Paulo, Brazil. These guys are proud of the quality and the turnaround time they provide. As they have carefully carried out a consumer market analysis before launching their business, they have managed to build a large base of returning customers over many years of their operation.


This company is constantly improving and extending its range of services and can quickly resolve any drain or sewer problem at your home or office 24/7. Its main services include:

  • video inspection of pipes;
  • water box cleaning;
  • water blasting;
  • pit cleaning;
  • sewer cleaning;
  • toilet cleaning.

SEO Campaign Goals


The SEO campaign for this client was aimed at guiding the company to beat the competition and strengthen its local market positions. We started with the local promotion in Sao Paulo, Brazil to help it become the top provider of the services in the region, increase organic traffic to its website, attract new users, gain the trust of locals, and, of course, extend its market coverage throughout the whole state.


The client wanted to focus on general location-specific keywords, so this was our main aim before launching the campaign. When it was in full swing, we included keywords for other services to be promoted with all long-tails in TOP-100. Also, we aimed at helping the client with on-page optimization of the website as it had a lot of errors, which were waiting for our intervention.

Our Strategy

The first step in our strategy was to research the semantic core and select the most relevant high-volume keywords for the given region. We started the campaign for general keywords and, month by month, added new keyword clusters for each type of the services:

  • high-pressure water blast cleaning;
  • water box cleaning;
  • pit cleaning;
  • pipeline video inspection;
  • sewer cleaning.

At the same time, we analyzed current website rankings across Sao Paulo and added all relevant long-tail keywords to be promoted in TOP-100 to the SEO campaign. To drive more tangible results for the custom keyword list, we also set up a link-building campaign.


The second step in our strategy was to prepare a technical audit for the website to see the bigger picture. We detected many errors that needed to be immediately fixed, so we did that within a few hours. Here is a complete list of what we’ve done for this project over one year:

  • changed meta tags (title and description) for the homepage and promoted landing pages;
  • resolved H1 tag issues on the homepage and landing pages which were important for SEO promotion;
  • created a robots.txt file and added necessary directives to it;
  • fixed pages that showed up with 404 error codes and removed sitewide broken links;
  • added missing alt attributes to all images;
  • set up 301 redirects from the www HTTP version to non-www HTTPS one throughout the site;
  • implemented canonical tags to the pages with multiple slashes at the end of their URLs;
  • removed duplicate pieces of content from the homepage and spam tag blocks from internal pages;
  • set up internal linking between blog articles and relevant service pages;
  • resolved the problem with trailing slashes at the end of some URLs by using canonical tags on pages without “/”;
  • fixed the issues with uppercase letters in some URLs;
  • set up auto-generation of title tags on location pages;
  • resolved the issues with multiple H1 tags across the website (deleted unnecessary ones to make sure there was only one tag on every page); 
  • improved the page speed (caching, compression, image optimization);
  • implemented structured data of the Local Business type;
  • wrote and published SEO-optimized content for the homepage and other promoted pages;
  • updated the sitemap after fixing all the errors, added it to the root directory of the website, and replaced it in the robots.txt file.

The third step was to create high-quality content. That is why we wrote unique SEO-optimized texts with relevant keywords in them for the homepage and all service category pages. Once they were approved by the client, we published them on the given pages for better promotion results.


Apart from fixing all the errors mentioned above, our team provided the client with a list of SEO recommendations for local promotion. Our expert advice was centered around the Google Business account and social networks.

Results & Conclusion

After one year of the SEO campaign, 242 keywords have entered TOP-1, 1,414 keywords have got to TOP-10, and 3,682 ones are now in TOP-100 (as compared to 148 keywords in TOP-100 before starting the campaign). Currently, almost all of the main keywords have got top rankings.


Our SEO campaign has helped the client to achieve the following goals:

  • organic traffic has increased by almost 3,000 times, as well as the number of website visitors (from 104 to 3,182), in just one year;
  • the site is now adequately optimized and more user- and Google-friendly;
  • the company’s positions are successfully strengthened, with a continuous flow of new customers and growing recognition on the local market.

As the client took heed of our advice and teamed up with us, we easily achieved such great results. We are proud of our work and hope that we will help this company make its way to the TOP-1 for all niche-relevant keywords in the near future.


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Indexation Improvements

Sitemap, Robots.txt, Cache, Canonicals

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Structured Data Optimization

Content Optimization

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Google Business, NAP
SEO Promotion Results SEO Promotion Results

Promotion Period: 1 year


Before After
Visitors per month 104 3182
Top100 keywords 148 3682
Top10 keywords 5 1414

+ 2960%

traffic from organic search


keywords on TOP-10

+ 3078

increase in visits per month

Leading positions in Google

30 Nov 19
desentupidora 24 horas
desentupidora de esgoto
desentupidora de fossa
desentupidora em são paulo
desentupidora sp
desentupir vaso sanitário
...and many other keywords

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Andrew Timchenko

Head of Customer Success Department
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