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Software that web scrapes in minutes to make data accessible

Olya Pyrozhenko Tips & Guides November 26, 2018
Data collection takes a lot of time and effort and is critical for the vast majority of businesses. Just like this, HTML crawling, parsing, or screen scraping (call it as you wish) may be a tough nut to crack. This process is needed to stay competitive or for pricing intelligence. The great tidings are that you can extract various data from a page and replicate it with a web scraper service. It’ll set your hands free from constant copying and pasting and put information into HTML, CSV, or Excel formats.

You won’t tinker around with any scraper as the IT market is brimming with many customer-friendly tools. Specialists usually choose those that are easy-to-install and may be added as automated plugins to your WordPress system. Once you scrape content from a website, it’ll be well-structured, so you won’t have to do with a mess and lost details.

You don’t need to be an avid tech-savvy to deal with data harvesting software, which is another strong point of it. WP scrapers have a plethora of features for:
  • recognizing unique HTML website structures
  • storing scraped data on the needed database
  • retrieving information from APIs
  • converting content
  • extracting social media data for customer analysis

Profusion of WordPress scraper's tech specs

Just set a WP assistant and leave it. For your better experience, look through our quick guide on how to make sure your WP web scraper works like a well-oiled machine:
  • tell it what pages need to be parsed ‒ your scraping service will then add each Start URL to the crawling line
  • it will bring the first URL from the queue and fetch it. Even if it’s offline, your WordPress web scraper will still do its job
  • after that, your scraper will execute the given page function and save the results
With its multitasking capabilities, it’s only up to you what your WP assistant will do. A WordPress content scraper boasts an intuitive interface and allows controlling tasks with a detailed dashboard. You’re free to customize it, use default settings, or create new functions from scratch. It may also have a variety of modes for:
  • taking particular data on a page as a single post to a target website
  • tracking and publishing all of the content by following pagination links
  • screening all articles on a website or links in the RSS aggregator WordPress scraper plugin
What’s more, your WP scraping service will blend in perfectly with any environment and require minimum configuration. But note that you won’t be able to insert previously published text to your website as your crawler will detect and prevent that.

Data collection has been a challenging task since the Internet began. Not anymore! Be ready to achieve your analysis goals, both basic and advanced, by applying simple software. Go for any web scraper service of your choice today and make no bones about legal violations. All the copyright regulations will be complied with.
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