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What do you know about SEO for new sites?

Olya Pyrozhenko Tips & Guides October 1, 2018

Here are some tips about right SEO for news sites, as such web pages need greater traffic for even more. Everything can be quite simple, as with the help of the Search Engine Optimization every news website can apply for this cost-effective way of attracting more new readers and turning them into the expanding audience of standing readers. That way, you are advised to post only fresh and recently updated content. Your text writings should be informative and always unique, that’s near all the SEO for news sites needs most commonly. But try not to apply for any black hat techniques, as well as prevent your texts from being overstuffed with the keywords, link spamming, duplicated content and so on.

seo for news sites

Below are several useful tips, from the viewpoint of SEO for news sites. Most of them were tried and use-proven when I had an experience being employed at a newspaper website:

  • Apply for the content optimization, as the search engine algorithms appreciate quality content with higher rankings in the SERPs. So, have your content rich, full, relevant, and always fresh content, backed with great headings describing every web page content in its best. Feel free to include the keywords or key phrases to the body text, and image title text as well. That way, note, however, to maintain the right keyword density within about 2 percent of the whole text writings. For further info, you can always have a look through the official guidelines by Google
  • Doing SEO for news sites, you should pay particular attention to URL optimization when creating every page or post. Always have a double check to place the right keywords or keyphrases to every URL you create, while updating the existing ones might as well be a great idea - useful for your readers, and convenient for crawling by the search robots at the same time. Also, considering SEO for news sites, you are advised to embed your each URLs with a unique number over three digits in its length.

website promotion

And here comes merely the most important meta tags guideline for SEO for news sites, so you’d better consider the following when embedding them:

  • First of all, a meta tag like news_keywords will help both the publisher (letting to specify and classify the massive of data), as well as the actual readers (making easier to browse back or share the information, for example, via social links profiles)
  • Remember, the only punctuation allowed in your URLs and meta tags are commas. Use them only to separate the keywords and key phrases.
  • Most of the keywords here are likely to bear the same value, I mean when referring to SEO for news sites

Among the most useful features here is the option to use up to 10 keywords like terms, e.g., to make up a new tag for your newly published article. Doing so, you will always have a passive double-check: should it happen that an individual article proves to be irrelevant to the subject, the users can quickly point it for a nearly immediate fix.

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