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Not by Google alone: Explore top-ranking alternative search engines in 2021

Olya Pyrozhenko SEO Trends April 29, 2021
For millions of people worldwide, the verb “google” is equal to web searching. With over 90% of the global search engine market share, Google has become an indispensable tool for navigation and business promotion.
Nowadays, everyone goes out of their way to hit the Google top 3. However, no one is stopping you from top ranking in other search engines. For example, the world’s second most popular Microsoft Bing is a full-fledged alternative to Google. The main difference between them boils down to two key specifications: Bing perceives long URLs and large amounts of text better than Google.
Well, there are plenty of alternative search engines, each serving their specific goals. While some are tied up on safety, others — on local use and completely different ranking models. So, what is the best search engine alternative to Google? Let’s try to figure it out.

The best search engines in terms of privacy and data safety

If you are not browsing in incognito mode, rest assured that Google knows more about you than your mom does. Aren’t you happy about that? Then maybe you’d better use a system that doesn’t spy on you. It should definitely be a search engine that is not part of Google. Here, we have come up with the list of search engines that respect their users' privacy:


DuckDuckGo is a safe search engine that doesn’t track the history of user queries. The DuckDuckGo algorithm considers a site’s link profile as a factor indicating its authority. Premium content here is one of the ways to get quality links from trusted resources. DDG’s pay-per-click earnings come from the Yahoo-Bing alliance network. Moreover, experts predict an annual increase in its users by 30% over the next 5 years. So, considering DDG for your online business promotion might be a smart move. 

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is another new search engine with no tracking. This system is more of a calculator trying to compute answers to your queries. It works best with questions like “what,” “where,” and “how much,” but not “why.” Whether you are searching to find something about health and medicine, music, finance, or want to do calculations, Wolfram Alpha is the best option, giving you detailed answers without irrelevant results. But, unlike it goes with DuckDuckGo, you can hardly promote your website in this search engine.

Asia business expansion without Google: Alternative search engines

Due to language, bureaucracy, and censorship barriers, Asia is now one of the most challenging online markets yet most prospective. Let’s consider the two most reputable and conservative search engines common in Asian countries:


Baidu is China’s #1 search engine, but please, do not take it as Chinese Google. The government tightly controls the Internet in the Celestial Empire. Thus, obtaining an ICP (Internet Content Publishing License) can improve your site SEO performance in Baidu. 
Other fundamental ranking approaches in Baidu include:
  • content in simplified Chinese
  • .cn domain
  • high keywords specification
There’s nothing impossible. To make your business visible on this search engine, you only need to adapt working optimization tactics and follow specific regulations.


South Korean companies often use patriotic gimmicks in their marketing campaigns. Google lacks this kind of strategy, which could be a powerful magnet for Korean users. Naver's start page has nothing to do with what we have used to see at Google or Bing. It is packed with ads, videos, and images. It may seem that a start page is overstuffed with information. However, this format is popular among Korean users. 
To make your business well ranked on Naver, you have to adapt it to the rich Korean culture. Put a priority on your clients' needs and develop engaging content in proper Korean. 

Yandex - The alternative search engine for Russia and other Post-Soviet countries

Yandex is the Russian Federation’s top search service, which has gained popularity in many countries of the CIS and Europe. It is a rapidly growing search engine that adjusts to user needs. On top of that, Yandex serves as a multifunctional and practical promotion tool for site owners. The drawback of this Russia-born search engine is that it is totally controlled by the government authorities. However, it should not interfere with your business promotion here. 
Yandex and Google SEO are based on the same principles. That is why the knowledge of core optimization approaches will help you to boost your presence here. ​If you are an international company intending to conquer a promising Russian market, launching a promotion on Yandex is a must.

So what is the most commonly used search engine except for Google?

The answer to this query depends on the goals of the questioner. One thing is as clear as day — opting for an alternative search engine not owned by Google will likely become a more typical decision as users get more concerned about their data and privacy. 
The choice ultimately comes down to your priorities. The things that should be considered include your target audience and the markets you're going to cover. No matter which private search engines you may choose, they will definitely extend your Internet frontiers. And of course, if your website has top rankings on Google in global search, then why don't you get leads from other search engines as well? 
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