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Step-by-step guide on sharing access to your Google Search Console data

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Step-by-step guide on sharing access to your Google Search Console data

Eugene Serbin (Head of SEO) Tips & Guides June 20, 2017

Google Search Console (GSC) is a jumping-off point to keep track of how your website performs and shows up on the web. And if there are some guys who are doing SEO for you as a third party, they will need access to your GSC data sooner or later.

Some website owners find it tricky to enable other users to navigate through their GSC insights without sharing their account passwords. If this sounds like you, read on to find out how to play it safe and, at the same time, let SEO specialists do their job without hindrance.

Sharing access has never been easier

Here is the roundup of 7 simple steps to take:

  1. Sign in to your Google account if you haven’t done that yet.
    Google Account sign-in
  2. Use the Google app bar on the right to find the icon for Webmaster Tools.
    Icons listed in the Google app bar
  3. You’re now in your Search Console account. The first thing to do is to select the needed property from the list on the upper left. Once it’s clicked, go down to find the Settings section.
    The website performance diagram found in Search Console
  4. Here’s what comes up. Without further ado, click on Users and Permissions. This section will then list everyone you provide access with.
    Property settings in Search Console
  5. What you’re looking for is now right in front of you. The Add User button sits in the top right corner.
    Users and permissions in Google Search Console
  6. You’re almost there! The only step left is to enter or paste a Google email of the user you want to grant access to. Once done, select the permission type and hit Add.
    Filling in an account email in Google Search Console
  7. Ask the new user to add your property to their own Search Console list so that they can access it.
Note: Think twice before selecting the access level when sharing your property insights. Full permission allows users to make the most of the GSC functionality, including URL modification, adjustment of property settings, etc. As opposed to it, the Restricted type unlocks limited access to your data, with most of the options being for viewing only.

Keep your passwords safe by bookmarking this guide. It will help you ensure obstacle-free cooperation with your SEO agency whenever you need it.

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