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What are the practical ways to increase Amazon reviewer ranking?

Olya Pyrozhenko Tips & Guides July 19, 2018

Far from all Amazon sellers pay significant attention to customer reviews. They do not know what Amazon review ranking is and how does it work. It is a significant omission that can cost you sales and new customers. In this article I am going to provide you with the information of how does Amazon review ranking work and what should you do to improve your products rank. 

What is the Amazon review ranking and how to determine what rank do you have?

Amazon Review Rank is reviewer profile rank compared to other reviewers in your market niche. This rank is based on how helpful product reviews for Amazon customers. The list of TOP reviewers you can find on Amazon website. It is a list of TOP reviewers that have helped millions of fellow customers make informed purchase decisions on Amazon marketplace with their consistently helpful, and high-quality reviews. You can check your review rank on Amazon profile or member review pages.

Essential factors that affect Amazon reviewer rank are the following:

  • the number of reviews written by users;
  • the number of helpful votes received on those reviews;
  • the period when a review was posted.

Negative votes won't significantly hurt your Amazon reviewer ranking. However, if you receive a negative vote on each second review, it will send a signal to Amazon, and your reviews will be verified more thorough. In their term, positive votes will help your rank and raise customer trust to your products. Moreover, more recent your reviews are, more impact they will have on your rank. For instance, the reviews that were posted several months ago have more value for your Amazon reviewer ranking than those that have made several days or hours before. 

The frequency of posting reviews also matters. If you want to maintain a high reviewer rank, you need to leave reviews on a regular basis. For instance, if you have a high rank but stop posting reviews for some time, your position will come down in the nearest future. It is because you should be active in reviews posting. 

As a rule, Amazon updates the reviewer ranking every two or three days. In some cases, it may take more time. That is why there is no worry about if you rank has not been updated in a short period. 

What are the benefits of increasing Amazon reviewer ranking?

Reaching TOP 1000 ranking is a big deal for all reviewers. It provides numerous opportunities such as an invitation to the Vine Voice, and an ability to cooperate with big Amazon businesses. There are many sellers and companies on Amazon which search for TOP reviewers to send them new products for testing and review. As a member of Amazon vine program, you will also provide with free products to make reviews on them. 

Your rank plays a crucial role in it, but it is not the only one factor. For instance, reviewers with the lower rank can get into Amazon Vine program, while reviewers with the higher rank might not get invited into it. It is because Amazon also considers the quality of reviews you post and type of the products that are reviewed.

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