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How do I get high PR backlinks list for free?

Olya Pyrozhenko Tips & Guides June 25, 2018

There are different ways to get high PR backlinks list to your website, at the same time without paying a dollar. Before anything else, there are two different types of links - dofollow and nofollow - which can be included in your website’s high PR backlinks list. Dofollow backlinks stand for permanent links designed to improve the website’s trustworthiness, in line with generating more web traffic. Nofollow backlinks are temporary ones created for traffic boost solely. So, what makes a high PR backlinks list? Let’s see a few of the best ways to generate it all for free.

high pr backlinks list

Broken Links

All you need to make use of broken links is to have a valuable content that deserves it. I mean you can find blogs or any other online sources with high domain authority and page rank. All you need is to search for those relevant to the same topic discussion, or market niche matching to your own business or writing subject. That way, using either Chrome extension, or free online tools you should detect broken links to suggest a new backlink for better reference. In the end, just send a kind email to the website or blog owner and point to that broken link to be substituted with your own link. And it works, because both parties are going to have fair mutual benefits. Note, however, that both your new content, and confirmation email should be good and convincing enough to decide the confirmation of the whole task.


Another right way to build a high PR backlinks list to your website is including infographics inside your plain text content. Although this task may appear somewhat time-consuming, it’s easy to apply and will certainly pay off. Once you’ve reshaped a part of your content into fine infographics or some handy spreadsheets, just let it go viral for sharing on all popular social websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. That way, I recommend using one of the following free online tools to help you with infographics: Easel.ly, Picko Chart, Infor.am, Google Charts.

seo backlinks list

Directory Submission

Submitting your content to some reputable directories is the third best way to creating a high PR backlink list to your website. And there are myriads of high page rank directories found across the Web, so you will hardly face any problems to find the right place to earn some quality links. Note, however, that before submitting your content you should pay attention to the following:

  • don’t skimp on investing your time and effort in writing valuable and unique articles;
  • never trick with any sort of plagiarism or irrelevant content - that would hardly work;
  • always have a double check to understand if a directory can be reasonably trusted;
  • every paid directory must be left on short notice - even if you are promised to see prompt results;
  • avoid all unknown or just recently launched directories - most probably they are hacked or scammed;
  • make sure to look carefully through the whole directory form before you fill it with all necessary details.
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