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What Kind of Google SEO Checker Tools Exist and How Useful Are They?

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What Kind of Google SEO Checker Tools Exist and How Useful Are They?

Olya Pyrozhenko Tips & Guides June 1, 2018

For any e-commerce project, Search Engine Optimization can bring the most out of Web visibility, securing a steady flow of customers at the same time. That’s why SEO is known as a strong online marketing technique, capable to engage thousands of clients around the globe. The larger part of successful businesses is applying for special gears to check and automate their online marketing progress. 

In terms of SEO, using highly searchable keywords, monitoring them, as well as controlling with some special Google SEO checker stand among the primary factors driving your online business the way to success. Since 2017 January, Google and other search engines have already delivered the immense number of updates to their algorithms. As a result, the lion’s share of old-time tactics isn’t applied for anymore. Instead, there are many new viewpoints like content relevance, mobile friendliness, and UX attractiveness, which have recently become more critical for achieving better website rank on the SERPs.

google position checker tools

Here are the best Google SEO checker gears to make your marketing campaign efficient and even more controllable:

1. Google Search console. Google site leaves the door open for many webmaster tools, fine and handy for better online marketing. Google Search console can be used for checking your website rank in a definitely friendly way. It can give you search suggestions relevant to your content, which can help you improve content quality displayed on your website.

2. Google Analytics. This metrics tool is available on Google AdWords and used for monitoring the most specific keywords, in particular. One can find here precisely long tail keywords, as well as other quantitative metrics, like CTR rate, competition threshold or the average search density. With respect to content creation for your commercial website, using this Google SEO checker takes even more important part in your SEO efforts on the whole.

google seo checker

3. Google AdWords. This tool offers you a reasonable opportunity for getting lots of right keywords to be included in your ad campaigns. Many businesses have achieved really convincing online results, making fine practical use of these keywords. Optimizing your website and supporting it with proper target advertising turns the keywords into a powerful thing allowing you to finally enter the market. That’s why Google AdWords is known as a really promising tool, extremely useful to support nearly any online marketing strategy.

4. SEMRush. It’s also a potent tool, adapted precisely to deal with long tail keywords. SEMRush provides crucial information, like single keyword potency, while analyzing different metrics from SERPs at the same time. Having the power of SEMRush, combined with that of Google Search console can give your website even more advanced benefits, hence it’s a really mighty thing in the view of content creation.

5. Semalt Website Analyzer. In general terms, this tool is available to all registered Semalt users. Semalt Website Analyzer can give you a good service acting as standard Google position checker tool, additionally fueled with some extra benefits. It can give a comprehensive website overview, designed particularly in the context on the SERPs. In fact, this tool is smart enough to use only most relevant information for the domain authority, its life age, as well as the rest of the primary ranking factors which are absolutely decisive for the entire business destiny.

 google position checker


Nowadays, the lion’s share of commercial projects has already moved online to benefit from using the excellent platform for exploring nearly infinite potential of the global market. It drives a large part of businesses towards engaging new clients, from nearly all geographical regions within their market niche. To make the best use of online marketing, it’s recommended to choose the right Google position checker tool, as well as the rest of helpful online marketing tools. Applying for different schemes and techniques can help you tackle almost any task at ease, even in self-driving manner. Moreover, the above tools, as well as the rest of monitoring frameworks, regulating and controlling processes have become even more accessible and handy. The current trend is most likely to be retained forth, so there’s nothing to be done but follow it feeling yourself on the right track.
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