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Etsy SEO Tips - Will SEO work for the Etsy platform?

Bogdan Govdia Tips & Guides June 23, 2018

So, before anything else, I am going to try to understand why the Search Engine Optimization on Etsy often looks so frustrating. Here are some cold statistical figures for you to illustrate (dated late 2016). Over 1.7 million active sellers on Etsy, over 28.5 million active buyers count on Etsy. Entirely impressive numbers, eh? And the standing audience just keeps growing on and on. As for the recent annual growth, about 0.2 million of new active buyers are estimated to have joined the service through 2016. The thing is that the buyers, for example looking for gifts, can often be disappointed with a formidable and truly massive availability on Etsy. For instance, consider the stunning monthly number of 35 million standing product listings (dated May 2017).

Etsy SEO tricks look much like Google’s guidelines

The main objective of this online framework is to help buyers make a purchase and leave happy. It means that Etsy works well, and the lion’s share of that huge availability list is most likely to result is the actual sales after all. But how can the sellers succeed in this doing? The whole doing is ruled by a comprehensive set of algorithms and rules, determining the product placement on your screen, based on the search results much like in Google search engine itself.

So, what Etsy SEO tricks are commonly used by the veteran sellers? And which of them are often followed by the most active corporations of really colossal scale? Let’s delve in all the peculiarities of the Search Engine Optimization ruling over this online realm of the open market, and finally get a clear understanding of Etsy.

How it works

Below I am going to show you in brief what factors are actually driving the SEO algorithm on Etsy. Here they are: tags and titles, attribute sections, conversion, customer experience, local search, timely maintenance, and some others. Well, let’s review them one by one.

Tags and titles

Apparently, every search request made by the users with the capacity of the keyword query is more likely to be seen in the titles and tags. Otherwise, nobody could possibly find anything out there. An exact match is what the search algorithm on Etsy is rooting from, first and foremost. It means, for example, that inserting a search query like this “silver necklace” will result in the entirely matching list of SERPs. Thus, having an exact match, we will never see anything that anyhow differs from our original request, for example, this: “gemstone silver necklace.”

Etsy will recognize a stronger match when a search phrase is included both to title header and the tags. That’s why most of use-proven Etsy SEO tips recommend doing your best to have your keywords or key phrases placed in every tag and title item if possible.

Keywords and keyphrases which come first (i.e., closer to the beginning of the title), are given more weight by the Etsy search algorithm. So, it would be wise to set your most relevant and compelling keyword right as close to the front of your title as you can.

Attribute items

The typical search results on Etsy will recognize the keywords inserted into the attribute listing section much like the keywords or keyphrases included in the tags or title headers (as already mentioned before). In fact, that would be just another way to give a relevant description to your items. Probably it is designed to help the buyers make more detailed and handy search in future when more attributive filters will be finally delivered on Etsy.

Though there are no actual Etsy SEO tips or tricks on this subject, in particular, I recommend at least acting proactively. I mean now you’d better start doing your best to have as many relevant attributes per listing as possible.

Listing quality

Most commonly, every listing’s performance on Etsy is measured with its core properties, such as views, favorites, and sales received by this listing. Given that these three characteristics are doing well, the listing is more likely to be displayed on the top of the search results for a long-lasting period.

The conversion rate is also making a difference for every listing’s ranking. So, you are recommended to share your products only with purely relevant groups and communities. Otherwise, addressing to a broader market niche to have more views (though less actual sales) can easily result in Etsy recognizing your product as not compelling. And that would naturally lead to empty views, and hence lost rankings.

Customer experience

The search results on Etsy can also be driven on top by the excellent reviews, thoroughly informative sections or completed shopping terms and conditions. In fact, even with a filled-in shop policy template (offered on Etsy by default) can give you a slight improvement in the search rankings. That’s why, among the other Etsy SEO tricks, investing some time and having a proper and complete setup will be awarded a higher ranking, as the algorithm recognized your shop is taking special care of each potential customer.

Of course, every case lodged on your store, or any history, for example on reported on intellectual property violations will naturally have a negative impact on your search ranking. That’s why you’d better avoid using any copyrighted citations like words or phrases from your favorite songs, movies, or tv shows. That way, never apply for copying any works of your competitors. Otherwise, your store will be recognized by the Etsy algorithm as the one for either poor customer service, or noncompliance with copyright, or trademark requirements.

Fresh information

Every new or recently revised listing, as well as regularly updated product descriptions, are likely to receive a ranking improvement in the search results. That way, most of reasonable Etsy SEO tips and tricks by the veteran sellers often recommend creating and running a personal renewing strategy to always keep everything on time and up-to-date.

Local preferences

The shoppers are naturally more likely to place the order for delivery within their location, i.e., country or city, for more convenient, prompt and cheaper shipment. That’s why the search engine logic on Etsy is always showing a green light on the local preferences. That way, any product offers related to the customer’s location are given priority to be displayed closer to the top of the search results. Of course, unless you are making a specific search customized for a particular country or region.

Market diversity

The search algorithm on Etsy is designed to show the best and most extensive market availability for more different shops and options to make a purchase. To avoid monopolies or repeatedly displayed duplicate offers, Etsy works on excluding the unnecessary information to provide only actual and useful listings that do make sense. Considering that, there is no need to have multiple listings for the same keywords or keyphrases. That way, in any case, your listings will be still displayed just once per page.

Let’s face it - you will need to follow at least the main Etsy SEO tips and guidelines to operate as a successful seller or become a happy buyer out there. Despite the fact that its main search algorithm is challenging and sometimes even hardly understandable for many people, it does make sense. Just because this online marketing platform is designed to help buyers find the right products in the best possible way. I think that most of the private entrepreneurs on Etsy will agree with me - it’s a great user experience when every wondering customer is displayed what he needs and, hence most likely to purchase. That’s why every customer-friendly seller is naturally given a more promising ranking with definitely higher growth prospects

For conclusion

Of course, some of the factors I mentioned before might as well seem to be too frustrating or unnecessary at all. But let’s face it - the real life often has nothing to do with a smooth and easy-going progress, in every market industry, and possibly for any successful doing. So, we should take it for granted - anyhow strong gains always need hard efforts and much time to finally complete the task. It means the search algorithm on Etsy, no matter how complicated or hardly understandable it may seem, serves there for a single purpose. It works to never leave room for a monopoly, giving better user-friendly experience (both for handmade business owners, and individual buyers), with its final aim to convert every reasonable consideration into the actual sales deal.

After all, I believe that you will find reading those use-proven Etsy SEO tips helpful enough, at least to get rid of any feeling of frustration during the earliest stages of setting up there your store. Just don’t be discouraged, and never hesitate to do some proactive research and invest some time and effort to create a truly sound drop-shipping business on Etsy. Drive your way to success!

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